jueves, 3 de julio de 2014


Hello my dear pupils! How are you? How are your holidays? I'm fine, but I miss you!!!

Do you remember when we visited Gibraltar? Would you like to see some photos of the trip? Look:

 The teachers Diego and Inma with the 4th grade pupils in Europe Point.

 The teachers Andrés and Inma with the 6th grade pupils in Europe Point.

 The teachers Ángel, Diego, Jose and Pedro in Europe Point.

Now, the teachers Diego, Inma, Jose and Pedro. Can you see the lighthouse at the bottom?

Some boys playing on the swings after having breakfast.

More boys playing.

Look at Celia S.!

Some children from 4th grade.

 Then, we went to The Alameda Botanic Gardens. These gardens were really beautiful.

 The pupils saw a very nice lake with big fish under this long bridge.

 The pupils of 6th grade with the teacher Inma next to a telephone box.

 Here, the pupils of 5th grade with the teacher Pedro.

 And the pupils of 4th grade with the teacher Diego.

Look at Nicolás and Domingo inside the telephone box!

 On the way to see the monkeys...


 At the bottom you can see the sights of Gibraltar.

 Some kids seeing the sights at the viewpoint.

The teachers after having lunch.

 And finally... after a long way... we saw the monkeys!!!

 Here, you can see one of the typical apes on a tree.

Some of them were a bit naughty! ;)

We all spent a very nice day in Gibraltar.

The pupils and teachers enjoyed the visit:
   -They saw the most important places in Gibraltar.
   - They walked by the main streets. 
   - They could buy souvenirs in the shops! 
  - They talked to the shop assistants in the English language!

So, the kids could practise what they learnt in the English classes this year. 

Good work children! ;)

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